Orthopaedic tools 

Sainte Isabelle  hospital is an orthopaedic centre of excellence specialized in minimally invasive surgery of prosthesis.
The orthopaedic surgery unit has over 30 single rooms.

The intensive care unit counts with 6 rooms and a dedicated team specialized in postoperative surveillance and cares.

Sainte Isabelle’s technical centre :

  • 6 operating rooms. One of them is an ultra aseptic room fitted with a laminar flow hood. It is used for replacement procedures.
  • 1 recovery room (Post Anesthesia Care Unit)
  • 1 medical imagery unit ( 2 conventional x-ray rooms, 1 ultrasound room, 1 scanner)
  • 1 hospital pharmacy
  • 1 unit dedicated to biological and histopathological examinations

Sainte Isabelle Hospital use to deal with  Stryker, X.Nov, Link and Serf laboratories as orthopaedic prosthesis suppliers.

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