Hotel facilities 

Your room

Patient roomPhone and television are available in the rooms.

When you arrive, you can apply for both services. You only have to deposit a 50 euros guarantee at the reception desk (ground flour). You’ll get back it on departure.

If you want, a direct dial telephone is available to call or be called all stay long (France and abroad). To unblock the line, a 5 euros extra charge is demanded. On departure day, you’ll have to pay your phone communications.

If you want, 4 English spoken channels (BBC1, BBC2, CNN, ITV1) are available. The remote control is at your disposal if you ask for it. Please, be careful with it. In case of damage, you refund.

phone and TV are billed 5 euros per day. You’ll settle on departure.

Your personal items

As you’ll stay some 10 days at Sainte Isabelle, please, don’t forget  (for you and your accompanying person):

  • As we can’t wash patients’ wear, take sufficient personal wear for the stay (clothes, night-clothes, dressing gown, slippers, …).
  • Toilet set
  • Prescriptions  and medicine
  • (If concerned) biological examinations and x-ray studies you haven’t sent to surgeon yet.

Your meals

Your own mealsYou have breakfast at 8 am, lunch at 12 and dinner from 6 pm. If you have a diet, please inform the unit nurse’s assistant. You also can indicate food you dislike, we’ll regard your tastes. Our nurse's aide is at your disposal when you place the meal order. She speaks english fluently.

A coffee machine as well as a confectionery vending machine and a cold drink dispenser are available at hospital ground floor.

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