Internal rules for Sainte Isabelle's English patients

Sainte Isabelle Hospital


Friends and relatives can come from 11 am to 8 pm only. We advise you not to greet more than a few persons at the same time and avoid receiving children in the unit.

In the intensive care unit, visits are allowed between 3 pm and 6 pm. Only relatives are admitted and they can't stay more than 30 minutes.


If you wish,  as soon as you enter in your room, you can ask for a direct dial phone (France and abroad).

Your phone communications have to be paid before departure.

To unblock a direct line  we ask you 5 euros. From 8 pm till 9 am, you only can be joined on this phone number (hospital phone reception  is closed).

A 50 euros guarantee is demanded to use phone and television in the room.


Silence  is required for patients'  rest and quiet.


If you cause any damage in your room or in other places, above all according to hospital infrastructure, you’d have to pay back hospital. You’d have to pay the total amount for replacing the damaged object.

Hospital's entrance

Item deposit

We advise you against valuable items and amount of money. According to French law of the 6 July 1992, you can use a safe in which valuable items are placed against receipt but hospital can't be responsible for damage, loss or theft  of other items.

Forbidden consumption

Smoking or drinking is forbidden inside the hospital.


Claim or complaint have to be sent to hospital management.

Extra charge

Accompanying persons meals: friends or relatives who accompany you can eat with you. A meal voucher have to be ordered near reception before 10 am for lunch and before  4 pm for dinner.

Lunch cost : 9 €
Dinner cost : 8 €

Your departure

Your departure will occur at 8 am. Our accompanying service will escort you until Great Britain. Before going out, you'll have to comply with departure process: go to reception desk (groundfloor) and pay all extra charge such as accompanying persons meals, television, phone and, if required,  the last 50% due for health care delivery.

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