Before your admission 

You need a hip or knee prosthesis or replacement. To undergo surgery at Sainte Isabelle's, you have to :

Step 1 : Fulfil the preadmission file

  • you can download it here.
  • if you want to receive it by electronic or postal mail, click here

Please, fulfil this form very carefully. From your answers, surgeons and anaesthetists can value your pathology, decide how they’ll operate you on and if you can suffer surgery.

Step 2 : Send us the fulfilled preadmission file

It may be sent

  • At:
  • Or by fax: +33 3 22 25 33 99
  • Or by postal mail to Marine Dijoux - Clinique Sainte Isabelle - 236, route d'Amiens - 80100 Abbeville - France.

Step 3 : Send us complementary documents to the preadimission file by postal mail

If you have any documents you can’t send by e mail, you can use postal mail. In that case, send joined together: the fulfilled pre admission file, documents such as biological examination results, x-ray studies … and a letter from the attending physician advising you this surgical intervention.

If you want, ask any questions

You can ask the surgeon all you want according to the surgical intervention and your stay at:

Information we’ll send you

When doctors are OK to operate you, according to your pre admission file answers, surgeon chooses a day for your hospitalisation (while considering the hospitalisation period you prefer). We call you by phone or/and send you an e-mail to confirm appointments (admission and surgery). The schedule use to be:










The surgeon will operate you is Docteur Renaux. His number of General Medical Council is 6096681.

You’ll receive a convocation to be present at Sainte Isabelle Hospital on the fixed day. At the same time, you’ll also receive a contract detailing services we offer as well as the price you have to pay for yours. For your admission day, please let your accompanying person have one contract.

If you want, somebody can come to assist you.Click here to find all the facilities proposed by Sainte Isabelle and nearest hotels. If you want we can book for you, thank you for writing it in your pre admission file.

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