Your rights 

Hospital patient charter

Here you can read the Sainte Isabelle Hospital patient charter

  • Ill rights (French law of the  4th, March 2002)

According to French law, you can have access to your personal data inside a  private or public hospital, you can have access to your own medical file. You or your physician only have to ask it close to Hospital Management.

  • Users and medical management quality committee (CRUQ)

Set of tasks :

  • To make sure users rights are observed;
  • To make easier their steps (complaint management and review, appeal and conciliation information) ;
  • To improve welcoming and management for ill persons and their relatives.

How do we deal complaints ?

  1. Each claim or complaint has to be sent to Mr Christian DIJOUX, the  hospital director.
  2. When Mr Dijoux receives the claim or the complaint :
    • He answers as soon as possible,
    • He advises the complainant to contact the mediator,
    • He can send the case directly to the mediator.
  3. The mediator meets the complainant within 8 days.
  4. Within 8 days, the mediator send a meeting report to the committee president. The president send the report to committee members and to the complainant
  5. When the report is read, committee proposes some solutions. Committee also advises complainant about conciliation resources and recourses he can use.

How can you directly  contact CRUQ?

To contact the mediator, let the claim or complaint to the reception desk, addressed to:

  • Medical mediator if you have medical trouble
  • Non Physician mediator in other cases.

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