Patient pathway 

Your admission

The day of your admission,  the French Orthopaedic services’ accompanying person will directly lead you to orthopaedic surgery department where somebody will wait for you. The referring nurse of orthopaedic  surgery department  will receive you and she’ll guide you to your room.

Dc Renaux, orthopeadic surgeon

Anaesthetist’s  and surgeon’s visit

Within 48 hours after your admission, the anaesthetist will scrutinize you to know if you can be operated. If he considers your surgical intervention is too risky, he can decide to cancel it.

You’ll meet the orthopaedic surgeon, Docteur Renaux. He‘ll explain you, in detail, the intervention and will give you all medical information you would like to know.

If required, consultations, examinations and analysis could occur with a cardiologist, x-ray and/or medical biology department.

Your stay

Patient care

During your stay, medical and surgical cares will be assured by a spoken English staff.

You’ll have to respect hospital rules.

Before entering into the operating room, you’ll be informed of important points you’ll have to comply:
For example : during your surgery you mustn’t have any make up nor nail polish nor false nails nor jewel (nor body percing, nasal ring …). You also have to remove any false teeth if you have ones. Those safety measures aim at protecting you from any  risk of infection : For example, nail polish forms  a coating above your nail but germs can live and grow up below in spite of your Betadine shower.

Your medical follow-up

Docteur Renaux will write out and send to your GP an operative report of your surgery. You’ll also receive one copy.
Docteur Renaux will give you a discharge medical file including your treatment prescriptions, bacteriological controls and functional re-education.

in case of medical complication, call Docteur Renaux. He will help and say you what to do.

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