Accompanying persons

Accompanying person’s package

Accompanying persons

If you want,  somebody can come and stay with you during your hospitalisation period. He/she also can sleep in your room. In that case, the hospital solution is the “Accompanying person’s package” which cost is 600 euros.
Thank you for advising us  in your pre admission file.

otherwise, there are some hotels near the hospital:
Hotel Formule 1: 33 euros per night
Hotel Ibis: 69 euros per night
(see where they are located in contact / access map page)

Accompanying person’s meals

If the person accompanying you wishes eating at sainte Isabelle’s, you only have to order a “meal ticket” to the reception desk before 10 am (for lunch) or before 4 pm (for dinner).
Lunch cost : 9 €
Dinner cost : 8 €

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